Fundraisers For Soccer

Check out our Amazing FREE Drinking Cup Soccer Fundraiser!

You make up to $10K, with no cost and no risk!

Free to your group. We pay for everything!

Now booking free fundraising campaigns for Spring 2013!


Contact us today and someone will work with you to set up your cups and have them ready when your group is available to distribute them! 573-429-8890 or email




Do you need an easy, free fundraiser to raise $2,500-$10,000+?


We offer a very simple fundraiser program, our drinking cup fundraiser.

How does it work? What is required of you?

With the drinking cup fundraiser, we pay to create the cups, 500-2,000, depending on how much money you need to raise, have them shipped to your location, free of charge to you! You sell the cups for whatever price you choose, but we suggest $2-6  KEEP EVERY PENNY OF EACH SALE! We provide ALL this to you FREE.

How do we do it?

We work with local businesses and combine cup advertising with our online and website services in order to completely cover the cost of the cups for you! All you do is sell the cups when we complete them and ship them to your group, and your group keeps all the money, right off the top, IMMEDIATELY!

You make the sales and keep ALL the money from your sales! NO COST to your group!

Call today to get started! 573-429-8890 or email us at

To summarize, there is no upfront cost or any cost at any time to your group.

Our cup fundraising program features an advertising 32 oz capacity drinking cup that enables you to easily earn $3,000-$10,000 or more in a one or two week campaign.

We send your group approximately 500-2,000 plastic drinking cups.  You set your own price. If you choose to sell the cup for $5, you would raise up to $10,000!

We do all the work in getting advertisers for the cups. We pay for the cups and have them shipped directly to you.

For more information or to start your own cup fundraiser, call us at 573-429-8890 or send an email to

(If clicking the link does not work, type it into your To: area of your email account)


Our fundraisers are great for:

  • School Clubs

  • Soccer Clubs

  • Junior and Senior Classes

  • Football Teams

  • Baseball Teams

  • Bands

  • We will consider any group that needs to raise money quickly and easily





To get more details or to be considered for a fundraising campaign, call us today at 573-334-1025 or email us at



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